1314 STUDIO photographers have photographed weddings in many venues, including The Venetian in Garfield, Park Savoy, Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, The Manor, Hyatt in Jersey City, W Hotel in Hoboken, Chart House Weehawken, Morristown Westin, Persona Farm, Windows on Water, Vie in Philadelphia, Central Park, golf clubs for wedding throughout NJ, private vacation homes in Hawaii, and many other wedding ceremony and reception locations in NJ and NYC. With our photojournalistic approach, we focus on creating modern yet timeless images for your big day.

Booking is simple. Every one of our weddings starts with a basic inquiry by phone or email. A meeting can be arranged for locally in Philadelphia or North Jersey. If you like us and ready to book, we will need a contract and retainer to confirm the wedding day. If you have any questions after booking or simply want to share with us your photo ideas, don’t hesitate to email us. We will also be contacting you before your big day to confirm details, send  the venue our liability insurance paperwork, and request your wedding day schedule.

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Here are some useful wedding planning tips and advice:

Timeline Planning – Many weddings don’t run on schedule. To avoid running behind wedding day schedule, budget enough time in between each event of your big day, particularly during the morning make-up/hair part. If makeup and hair are about one hour, expect an another 20 minutes as “buffer time” just in case it will take a little longer to get the bride and everyone else ready. The other parts to consider include 1) travel between each location, even if it’s just walking distance, 2) waiting for bridal party/family members to be ready (eg: for pictures during the portrait), 3) makeup/hair touch ups and for some Asian and Indian weddings, a second outfit change, and 4) other miscellaneous happenings during the wedding.

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Communication – Between the confirmed contract and wedding date, inform your vendors of any changes or requirement of paperwork from the wedding venues. The vendors include your wedding videographers, the photographers, the entertainment company ( DJ and MC ) and maybe your florist. Some venues require the vendors to submit a liability insurance certificate.

Chances are our initial consultation meeting and engagement session are usually many months ago. Few weeks prior to the big day, it’s a great idea to recap any specific details, such as the importantce of some photos (eg: picture with your father walking down the aisle from the back view is a must).  Also, be sure to send a final confirmed schedule to all your vendors ( especially videographers and photographers ) 1 week prior.

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Getting Ready – For a smooth timeline, schedule your NJ wedding photographers or videographers to arrive when make up and hair are about 75% done for the bride. We will photograph the wedding details such as the dress, shoes, engagement ring plus two wedding bands, and sometimes the jewelries and bridesmaid dresses. Before the arrival of your photo and video vendors, prepare the dress and hang it on a nice hanger, then put the shoes / rings in box nearby the dress. If the groom is in the same hotel or nearby, we can also capture his getting ready. Groom’s getting ready is much faster, so there isn’t much details that need to be prepared in advance.

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Wedding Ceremony – If there wasn’t a rehearsal, besides the general ceremony instruction, communicate with the officiant, rabbi, or priest ahead about what to expect in term of placement of objects and realistically how long is the wedding ceremony. For example, during the stepping on glass part on a Jewish wedding ceremony, the rabbi placed the glass away from the front view. When the groom is stepping on the glass, his back is facing the audience and the decorations in the front is blocking the view of the glass and his feet. We were able to capture the important moment because the assistant photographer was on the side angle, but the guests weren’t able to witness that moment. Little thoughtful details for the guest are also good ideas. For example, it’s usually hot during outdoor ceremonies, especially for long Hindu and Indian ceremony outdoor. Be sure to have the venue prepare ice water for the guest during the 1 to 3 hour cultural ritual outside.
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Moments – This is the easy part, just let your New Jersey and Philadelphia wedding photographers handle all the awesome moments! 🙂

Family Photo List – Most of your day your wedding photographer will focus on candid or photojournalistic style. For the family photos, prepare a list of the family members you would like photos with and in what combination. The list will help ease up the time in getting/finding the members for photos. Give the list to your Maid of Honor or a dedicated individual.

Bride & Groom + Bridal Party Portraits – This part is usually about 40 minutes to an hour, sometimes 1.5 to 2 hours. The longer time we have, the better it is for us to get more creative photos. If you hired both photographers and videographers, be sure to budget enough time for those vendors because we have to take turn in doing photos and video footage. For example, the videographer may want to follow directly behind the bride to get the first look reaction on the groom and bride’s walking motion. However, photographer prefer not to have the videographer directly behind her back because he or she will be in the photo and it’s very distracting. In this case, first look will have to “take two”.

If you plan on having bridal party pictures after the wedding ceremony, be sure to let them know ahead, particularly if you have a large size party. Normally the cocktail hour follow right after the ceremony. Most guests ( including your bridal party members ) will want to get a drink, grab some delicious cocktail food and just to hang out. Once you “lose” someone from your bridal party, it will take a while to get him or her back again. On our side, we want you to able to enjoy cocktail hour as well. The sooner photographers finish all the wedding portraits of bride and groom plus your bridesmaids and groomsmen, the sooner you can go to cocktail and greet everyone, the sooner we can get table details at the ballroom and setup lightings for the reception. If there is enough time, ask your photographers to have few photos of just you two inside the ballroom with all the beautiful details already setup.

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Reception – If your photographer is scheduled to leave before the end of the reception, make sure to coordinate the timeline with him or her about covering all the important and best moments: first dance, father and daughter dance, mother and son dance, toast and speeches, cake cutting, performances and bouquet toss. You can also have ask the venue coordinator to bring out the wedding cake earlier so that your wedding photographer can capture the cake cutting before he or she leave.

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After the Wedding and Photo Editing – Email your photographer again to check the timeline for delivering the wedding photos. During wedding season, the delivery range should be longer because the amount of weddings we have to photograph. For example, off-season wedding in winter may take about 3 to 4 weeks to edit, but a busy September month will the wedding photo editor about 5 to 8 weeks to finish 600 to 1000 photos per wedding. Timeline for engagement photos are 1 to 2 weeks for off-season and about 3 to 4 weeks for wedding season. Wedding season usually begin from April to December and off season from January to March for New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York City metro region. For our Hawaii wedding and engagement clients, wedding season is all year long.

Most of the photos start out in RAW format and photos delivered to client will be in JPEG. Post processing of wedding photography include color correction, brightness, sharpness, noise reduction, and contrast enhancement. In-depth editing for album will include close up body and skin-retouching. Converting all photos to black and white are complimentary. Sometimes we can also apply film effect in a pastel and soft color tone, much like the vintage fuji film effect. Removal of objects including background and special effect are request only for additional price and we will try our best to fulfill the special request.


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