Reschedule and New Bookings

New Bookings: We are currently taking album orders, prints, and select bookings (eg: product photography where you can ship the products to us). For wedding, event and engagements, please contact us.

Booked Weddings and Clients: We wanted to touch base in regards to the rapidly evolving situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. Many couples have reached out to us in regard to the possibility of their event being postponed. We encourage you to keep me in the loop with all updates regardless of how insignificant so we can go over all available options. If you must postpone your event, we will share our most current availability for the month(s) you are considering to shift to. Kindly note, our availability is constantly changing and we are happy to provide frequent updates. We encourage couples to consider weekday dates as an option to keep all vendors and have additional dates availalble as most venues will have them open. Also consider winter weekdays and weekends as they would be more available than summer dates.

Please stay safe, always be cautious and practice good hygiene. We are in this together, let's work through it together. Please email us for the specific dates we are available.

Resources available for update on covid-19: