Photos are an essential part of any wedding, especially in our digital age. In fact, the global photography market is expected to grow from $32.92 billion in 2020 to $36.42 billion in 2021; in part, this growth is due to how widespread wedding photos get shared nowadays on websites and social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. While having an on-site photographer is a necessity if you want someone to take amazing photos of the event, there are other ways you can incorporate photography into making your nuptials even more special. Here are four ways to use photography for an extra memorable wedding day:

Photo decorations

Many people already use personalized photo displays as affordable wedding decorations, but you can get really creative with it. Some couples opt to create “family trees” with photos from their parents’ and grandparents’ weddings, or use attendees’ photos on the seating charts. And with the pandemic limiting the number of wedding guests, photos give those who can’t make it a chance to celebrate their big day. You can encourage your guests to convey their good wishes by sending photos and messages, then print and paste these out on a board at the


Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras used to be a staple in weddings during the late 90s and early 00s, but they’re making a comeback as a popular wedding trend in 2021. Celebrities and influencers have started to take photos with disposable or Polaroid cameras, so experts believe these will reappear on wedding tables as a supplement to professional photographers. Guests can use the cameras to take fun candid

photos of the reception, so you don’t miss out on any wonderful moments. Some single-use cameras can even work within your theme; if you’re going for a retro-style wedding, these well-designed cameras give your guests the opportunity to try black-and-white photography on your wedding day. They also come with a built-in flash feature so poor lighting won’t be much of a problem. You can even

print and share copies of the photos as a memento for other guests.

Wedding photo booth

A wedding photo booth is perfect for entertaining guests of all ages in between the ceremony and the reception. Of course, your photographer will document everything about your wedding — but many guests will still enjoy it, especially if they’re not into dancing. Aside from keeping the mood light, the photos they take also serve as take-home souvenirs they won’t throw away. Set up a DIY photo booth by hanging fake flowers, balloons, curtains, or other props against a wall. You can either use a camera with a remote control clicker or let your guests use their own smartphones to take photos.

Drone photography

If you have an additional budget to spare and want something to wow your guests, drone photography captures aerial footage to make your wedding look like a movie. Traditional photographers already have a lot to focus on, so drones would work well if you want sweeping landscape shots of the venue or a shot of the entire wedding party from above. However, drone photography isn't doable on windy or rainy days, so only option to have a drone if you’re sure of clear and sunny skies. Do note that harsh sunlight in the mid-day afternoon won’t make for good photos either, as the sun will cast down shadows. The drone pilot and your photographer will need to coordinate and make the lighting work.

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