Pricing Guide

Lamborghini Huracan

Rent this 2017 Lamborghini Huracan if you want to hear the amazing sound of a V10.

STARTING at $900

Bentley Continental

Rent this 2015 Bentley Continental if you want that luxury feel of the all red interior.

starting at $800

Vintage Rolls Royce

Rent this 1980 Rolls Royce Corniche in Satin Pearl White for our vintage lovers.

starting at $800

Mclaren 570S

Rent this 2018 Mclaren 570s Convertible for that show stopper entrance.


Mclaren 600 LT

Rent this 2020 Mclaren 600LT if you like looks and power!

Starting $1,000

Rolls Royce Dawn

Feel the luxurious details of a Rolls Royce. Def a show stopper



Do you need car insurance?

Yes you will need full coverage liability for collision and comprehensive for any damages that occur to the vehicle during a rental.

Does it come with a driver?

We have a driver to deliver the vehicle, stay with the vehicle until the rental is over. We will also pickup the vehicle once the rental is complete.

What states do you guys cover? Are there any travel fees?

We provice services in NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA (some vehicles) and NYC (some vehicles). There will be travel fees to NYC, DE, MD, VA and NYC. Price depends on distance.

Is there a depsoit and how do we pay?

Yes there is a minimum $500 deposit that goes towards the rental. Final payments are due the day before or on the morning of the rental. Payment methods are Venmo, Zelle or Credit (3.5% processing fee).